Bedtime Yoga Audio – Donate to Download

Bedtime Yoga Audio - Donate to Download

15-minutes yoga class guided by Lady Jerez

Stretches included: Cow cats, child pose and other poses to help you relax your body and mind before going to bed. If you are one of my regular students you have already practiced some of these exercises, however, if you have any questions about the movements, please let me know.



Listen to my voice and the instructions provided to practice some basic yoga exercises before going to bed. Improve sleeping patterns. Incorporate yoga and meditation techniques into your daily life. Experience their benefits from home. Complement your weekly or monthly practice (if you have one). Enjoy the instrumental music to achieve a better state of relaxation. The instructions last approximately 12 minutes. Please use the last 3 minutes to enjoy the music and connect with your breath to fall asleep.

Props needed: A yoga mat or towel. A comfy pillow. Quiet room. Even better if you use wireless headphones and you're close to your bed).

Audio Preview

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