Hello! I’m Lady Nina

Welcome to my page! I want to share my yoga experience with the world. So, go ahead and read my blog if you want to find out more about what is yoga beyond flexibility and nice leggings ūüėČ

About me


13th April 1988 – Caracas, Venezuela

Living in

Dublin, Ireland



250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
@ Samadhi Studios Ireland 2016-2017

Kidding Around Yoga for children
Dec. 2018


Holistic and Sports Massage
@ Holistic College Dublin 2014-2015


Gymnastics as a kid

Yoga asanas since 2009

Yoga teacher training 2017

Other Interests

Philosophy & Spirituality

Creative Writing

Online Marketing

Would you like to explore the world of yoga?

There are many styles and teachers... Practice with me if you like relaxation but also mindfulness and physical/mental challenges.


Yoga Classes

Explore Yoga Asanas

Practice Hatha yoga & Slow Vinyasa Flow style. 1-to-1 or in group


Let go of tension

Receive an holistic massage after a relaxing yoga class with me


Let’s meditate together

Focus on mindfulness and a deep connection with the spiritual world

My Journey To Yoga

I discovered yoga asanas in 2009 and I felt in love with the practice and the philosophy behind it as well. I'm glad to share my experience with the world. I also love writing, so go ahead and read my blog to find out more about my yoga journey (on and off the mat). Thank you!

Yoga enhances your life

To me, yoga is more than a physical practice… However, you can start discovering its benefits even if you only focus on its¬†physical side. Just remember, flexibility is not the main focus of yoga as many people believe. Check the graphic beside this text. The bars show you that when you practice yoga asanas, the actions you perform involve 25% mindfulness, 25% balance, 25% flexibility and 25% strength. Part of the result is achieving wellness and relaxation… but the path of yoga¬†itself goes beyond that and focuses on the union or integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your own life. Want to know more about yoga? Contact me! Complete the form below:

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